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In the framework of the first version of the Interamerican Center of Tax Administrations (CIAT) Technology Meeting 2016, held in Miami, FL, USA, the presentation "Interfactura as an Authorized Electronic Invoice Provider" took place..

In this event, Interfactura presented the Lessons learned from 10 years of experience in Mexico; In addition, we had the opportunity to share experiences by being part of the Amexipac (Mexican Association of PAC), where the Mexican digital tax model was discussed, explaining how the authorities let trusted third parties (PAC) assist taxpayer community and help them achieve current tax compliance.

Topics such as collaboration, competition, regulation and coordination between PACs are phenomena that the Mexican electronic invoicing model has generated and that have been effectively resolved, making SAT today a more efficient and effective collection agency that has clear achievements and a strategy and vision that generates favorable results for the Mexican government.

This forum allows nations to share best practices, experiences, technological solutions and establish collaborative ties like never before.

CIAT Technology 2016 Meeting, 10 – 12 octubre 2016, Miami, FL, EE. UU.