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GDX Holdings and its subsidiaries: Interfactura, dito, Backtrend and JunoMx, are working to create strategic alliances that add value to the company; and as part of these alliances, the company recently obtained Microsoft certification as "Cloud Solution Provider", with which GDX Holdings secures the relationship with Microsoft and becomes a its strategic partner. Cloud Solution Provider is a program in which you can manage sales from the cloud, own the billing relationship, provide uninterrupted technical support and be the only point of contact with customers.

This alliance with Microsoft also enabled the participation of GDX Holdings for the first time in the annual event exclusive to Microsoft employees called "Company Meeting" where by Jorge López, CEO of Interfactura attended.

"Digital transformation in Mexico and the world has forced companies to transform," was the main theme of the event. The participation of GDX Holdings was within a Panel, where Jorge López and a participant from another company, developed, based on their experience in their current companies, points on the evolution of technology.

For GDX Holdings and its business units it is very important to have strategic alliances with companies such as Microsoft as they help their growth and development. It is expected that this type of participation will continue to increase both with this and other companies.

GDX Holdings is the corporate entity that brings together service technology companies such as Interfactura, JunoMx (Financial Technology) and Backtrend (BPO Services).

Interfactura is the market leader in the issue of invoices and tax compliance in Mexico, based in Monterrey, Mexico. Interfactura processes more than 20% of CFDI in Mexico, through more than 15 million users, in its more than 15 years of experience.

Interfactura, pioneer in electronic invoicing makes history through one of the most effective tax collection methods.