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With the objective of sharing information about the new digital services for tax compliance, Interfactura, a leading Authorized Electronic Invoice Provider, was present at the 2016 Connection Forum, whose attendance exceeded 1500 people.

This event, organized by the Mexican Tax Administration Service (SAT), was the ideal occasion to bring together taxpayers, technology providers and SAT members. In this place, Interfactura presented new technological solutions that simplify and automate the business cycles. In addition, it shared information related to the new technical specifications that the SAT has released and that are of general interest for the taxpayers.

Interfactura was recently authorized by the SAT as Certification Provider for the Receipt of Digital Documents (PCRDD), which represents that, in addition to being a PAC (Authorized Certification Provider), now with this authorization; Interfactura can operate as an auxiliary of the SAT for the receipt of all the digital documents that it publishes.

Participation in notable events such as FORUM CONNECTION 2016 endorses Interfactura’s great commitment as the leading provider of specialized services in digital taxation.

Interfactura is a high-performance company that for more than 15 years has developed business opportunities through state-of-the-art solutions that enable the business world to meet its tax obligations.

Since 2004 Interfactura has been protagonist of the digital transformation of the Tax Services in Mexico. As a company that is in collaboration with the Mexican authorities, it has contributed in the transformation of administrative processes, in high-reach digital services.

Jesús Alvídrez
Communication Manager
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