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Dear Customer,

We hereby inform you that based on the publication made in Bulletin No. PO39 of the SAT dated June 11, 2015, the structure of the digital certificates issued by the SAT was modified according to the following:

  • The length of the keys for the electronic signature and digital stamp certificates that was 1024 bits, passed to 2048 bits.
  • The SHA-256 algorithm is used to generate certificates at 2048 bits.
  • The change in the length of the storage fields of the original string and electronic signature must be considered in the database.

For this reason, it is necessary for you to verify that the adjustments have been made to the applications or services that use the digital certificate for the electronic signature and digital stamp, so that they can support certificates of both 1.024bits and 2.048 bits

It is our priority to help your business meet its tax requirements. In case you require it, we provide you with the, or contact us directly through your commercial executive, in order to delve into the application of this new requirement and deliver the necessary information and service. Thank you.

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